The most photogenic spots in Asturias

As far as unspoilt paradises go, Asturias is extremely photogenic. Pretty much as soon as you touch down in Oviedo, you’ll fall in love with the “Patria Querida”, the “beloved fatherland”, as it’s known in Spain, almost without realising. But let’s take a look at a few of its more unique spots that have a particular charm all of their own.  A series of views that will remain etched on your mind forever and whose beauty and colours will always remind you of your time there.

1. Llanes and its endless views

All those who visit Llanes leave enchanted either by its proud fishing heritage, its mountains or by its stunning beaches. If you’re only planning on paying a short visit, make sure you go for a walk along the “Paseo de San Pedro” boardwalk all the way up to “Los Cubos de la Memoria” (The Cubes of Memory), which were famously painted by Agustín Ibarrola. Here you’ll find one of the most peaceful and relaxing settings in all of Northern Spain. As you wander along the “Paseo”, allow your thoughts to focus solely on the nature and the fresh air around you. You certainly won’t find a better place to disconnect from your day-to-day routine than here!

2. The vivid colours of the Lakes of Covadonga

If there’s one spot to take a photo of the scenery, it’s this one. These two glacial lakes, which lie at the heart of Picos de Europa National Park, really are just as magical as they are photogenic. It’s also really worth climbing the 12km stretch of road that leads from the Covadonga Basilica to admire the lush green landscape and the sweeping views. Just make sure you don’t forget your bottle of water!

3. The idyllic charm of Castropol

Castropol is the jewel of the western part of Asturias. Although less well-known and with fewer tourists than the east, it’s still equally as beautiful. Without doubt, it has earned the right to be called one of the most photogenic spots in the region. Here you’ll find a nearby nature reserve teaming with marine life, a mouth-watering cuisine and a historic centre with its own particular charm. Do you really need anything else?

4. Lastres, the prettiest cliff-side in Northern Spain

Lastres is a wonderful little seaside village, but anyone who visits really has to be in the mood for wandering through small, cobbled streets. And, when we say really in the mood, we definitely mean it, as Lastres itself is actually built on the slopes of a cliff. Our recommendation: head up to the “Mirador de San Roque” viewpoint to take in the views and we guarantee that on your way up you’ll begin to realise just how lucky you were to have found it. This little village will definitely turn out to be one of your favourite parts of Northern Spain!

5. The architecture of Gijón

Anyone who’s visited the coastal city will tell you that it’s one of the prettiest cities in all of Spain. It has almost everything you could think of: sea, mountains, viewpoints, a variety of bars and restaurants, quirky shops and some of the most spectacular views. Although it’s the capital of the “Costa Verde” and one of the most heavily populated towns in Asturias, it’s been able to retain that distinct, homely feel that makes it so unique. Gijón is charm central!

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