The 5 most beautiful beaches in Asturias

Asturias is Spain’s natural paradise and its beauty comes in many forms. One of the largest attractions for those lucky enough to step foot in this small corner of Spain is the Cantabrian coastline, dotted with beaches that magically blend the pale colors of fine sand with the blue of the water and the customary green of the countryside and whose appearance alters slightly with each coming and going of the tide. Although difficult to narrow them down, would you like to discover which 5 we consider to be the most beautiful? Well, keep on reading!

1. Torimbia

This beach has something extra special about it and is a must visit for those wanting to get a real feel for the beauty of the Asturian coast. Located close to the village of Niembro, in Llanes, to reach it, head across and then out of the village and make your way up the nearby hillside. You’ll reach a spectacular viewpoint where you can take in the entire coastline and you should spot another fantastic beach to visit, called Toranda.

2. Andrín

If you’re after a typical postcard beach from Northern Spain that’s both peaceful and away from the crowds, then this is the one for you. Andrin is another village located in the municipality of Llanes, with a beach that is characteristic of the area. This part of the region is ideal for surrounding yourself with Asturian charm, with plenty of wide open spaces and a landscape full of vibrant colors.

3. Gulpiyuri

Gulpiyuri is the smallest and one of the most unusual beaches in the world. Although it may seem impossible, the beach itself is not on the sea. Gulpiyuri, located next to the village of Naves in Llanes, is actually an inlet for sea water, which enters inland to the beach. It’s really worth visiting it at high tide, when the beach is filled with water, although even at low tide it retains a unique charm.

4. Playa de Santa Marina

Many won’t agree with us for including this beach in Ribadesella in a list of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias, but we can come up with several reasons for doing so. Ribadesella, which is almost a town rather than a village, also boasts a stunning stretch of coastline. Let’s face it, it’s no easy task either to find a built-up area that manages to keep the magic of its coast intact, allowing it to blend into the coastline so originally. Santa Marina beach has all this, something which without a doubt makes it worth seeing.

5. Playa del Silencio

For fans of wild beaches the coastline near to Cudillero is made for you. Sea and sand surrounded by cliffs, as rocky as they are steep, teeming with life and natural energy. This beach, known as the beach of “Silence” (“silencio” in Spanish), is ideal for those looking to switch off and relax in contact with the ocean in its purest form, hence its name! Hidden away from the masses, it’s a secluded spot with no shops, restaurants or manmade constructions.

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