The most enchanting villages in Asturias

Asturias is a magical destination where, whether you’re at the coast or in the mountains, you can connect with the land just as Mother Nature intended. But you’d be foolish to stop there. It goes without saying that the combination of magical landscapes and a scattering of houses were made to be put on a postcard and away from its bustling towns and cities this area of Northern Spain is full of some of the most enchanting villages in the country. Narrowing them down is no easy task, but, we think we’ve managed it. Here are some of our favourites!

1. Lastres

This village without a doubt has something special about it. Located close to the town of Colunga, Lastres’ magic can be found at every corner. The village itself rises up on a hillside beside the sea, something very typical of Asturias. Its white-washed houses and cobbled streets merge seamlessly with the green of the hillside and the blue of the nearby Cantabrian Sea. And how could we forget its spectacular beach! The area surrounding the lighthouse is another must-see and is the perfect place to stroll and clear your mind.

2. Cudillero

Cudillero is a real treasure and its unique location, perched on a mountain by the sea, makes it one of the most charming in all of Asturias. Its colourful houses surround its famous “Plaza de la Marina” square, which fills with the relaxing sounds of the nearby waves. Cudillero is also a fairly large and lively village, where you can try some of the best examples of Asturian cuisine.

3. Luarca

Luarca is a traditional fishing village, which revolves in more ways than one around its port. The village’s calming white houses lead inland from the coast and, for this reason, it’s often referred to as “la villa blanca de la costa verde”, meaning, “the white village of the green coast”. Head up to the area close to the Atalaya chapel, where you can marvel at the magnificent views and give in to its extra special charm.

4. Cangas de Onís

This village is famous for its Roman bridge across the River Sella, which was built in the 14th century. Although the mythical Lakes of Covadonga are close-by, take your time getting to the heart and soul of the village and visit its main monuments such as the “Ermita de la Santa Cruz” or the “Chapel of the Holy Cross”  and the “Pinto Palace”.

5. Ribadesella

For the perfect combination of land and sea, look no further. Ribadesella is a beautiful, small corner of Asturias, where the colours of the River Sella, the Cantabrian Sea and the seaside houses come together in harmony. A unique place to visit and feel the essence of Asturias!

6. Castropol

In the west of Asturias, next to Galicia, lies Castropol, a village whose colours sharply contrast with the surrounding landscape. If quiet is what you’re after, but not cutting yourself off from the world entirely, then Castropol is the place for you. Be sure to check out its beautiful historical centre and the views of the River Eo and, of course, to breathe in the purest air around!

The best part about Asturias is the sheer amount of things on offer to see and do. This really is just a small taste of the magic hidden in the many villages of this region of Northern Spain. In Asturias, there are always new treasures waiting to be uncovered!

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